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How to rent an apartment from Copperwood Real Estate


Show an apartment

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Call us at (212) 390–1800 or stop by our office at 317 East 84th Street, between First and Second Avenues, to ensure that the apartment is available to show. Please note that your client must be present for the apartment viewing, and keys will be on lend for 45 minutes. Remember to bring a valid ID to leave as a deposit.


Ensure that your clients meet our income requirements

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There are three ways for your client to qualify to rent from Copperwood Real Estate: earn a yearly income that is more than 40 times the monthly rent (excluding commission, bonus and investment gains); have a qualified guarantor who earns more than 70 times the monthly rent; or use Insurent Lease Guaranty to guarantee the rent.


Download and complete the rental application

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Drop off the completed application

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Stop by the Copperwood Real Estate office at 317 East 84th Street, between First and Second Avenues, with the 100% completed application and paperwork, a $500 security deposit and a $100 credit check fee, and we will start the rental process. Please note that we will review only 100% completed applications.


Schedule an in-person interview

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After we’ve approved your client’s application, we’ll arrange a time for him or her to stop by the Copperwood Real Estate office to review our policies and requirements.


Deliver a signed lease

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Deliver the signed Standard REBNY Non-Stabilized Lease, the completed and signed Copperwood Real Estate Riders, and separate certified checks for the first month’s rent and security deposit to the Copperwood Real Estate Office at 317 East 84th Street, New York, NY 10028.


Enjoy the ease of renting with Copperwood Real Estate

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Copperwood Real Estate listings are currently being offered on a “collect your own fee” basis.

Showing Apartments FAQs

What is the procedure for showing a Copperwood Real Estate apartment to a client?

Please preview the apartments on our website, then call us at (212) 390–1800 before visiting the office to make sure we have the keys available for the apartment you wish to show.


Keys may be picked up at the Copperwood Real Estate office at 317 East 84th Street, Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm, and Saturday, 10:30am to 4:00pm. Keys are signed out for 45 minutes, and you must have your client with you. You are required to leave a valid driver’s or brokerage license as a key deposit.

What if my client is interested in leasing a Copperwood Real Estate apartment?

Ask your client to provide the following documents for our review before we schedule a personal interview:

  1. Completed apartment application, which can be downloaded from our website with other required documents.
  2. $500 cash or money order deposit
  3. $100 non-refundable fee per person for credit check
  4. Most recent bank statement
  5. Letter from current employer stating salary, position and employment date/offer letter
  6. If self-employed, a CPA-notarized salary statement
  7. Copies of the client’s most recent pay stubs
  8. Color copy of government-issued photo ID
  9. Letter from your client’s current landlord, and most recent rent statement or canceled rent checks
  10. Completed guarantor application (if required). This must be signed and notarized prior to lease signing. We accept only guarantors from the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). We also accept Insurent.


We will review only 100% complete packages before scheduling an interview.

What information do you need from me as an agent?

You must include a copy of your New York State Real Estate license with each rental application you submit.

Are interviews of applicants always required?

Yes. All applicants are interviewed by the leasing agent prior to lease signing. All leases must be signed within four days of approval.

How do you handle the applicant’s deposit?

If the applicant is approved for tenancy, the deposit is applied to the first month’s rent. If the applicant refuses for any reason to execute a lease upon approval, the applicant hereby waives all claims to the return of the deposit.


If the applicant is rejected for tenancy, the deposit is returned to the applicant in full.

Leasing FAQs

Does Copperwood Real Estate provide a completed lease for me to use?

It is the broker’s responsibility to have the client complete the Standard REBNY Non-Stabilized Lease. We’ll provide you with our standard riders, or you can download these forms from our website. These documents must be completed and submitted along with the lease. Please make sure all information is typed and the tenants sign and/or initial all required documents before you bring them to our office. Bring three signed original leases with original signatures, including all required documents, and separate certified checks for rent and the security deposit.

What are acceptable forms of payment for the security and initial rent?

We accept certified checks or money orders for the first rent payment and security deposit. Please ensure that all checks are made payable to the building entity.

What kind of commission can I expect?

Copperwood Real Estate listings are currently being offered on a “collect your own fee” basis.

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